We are an online community for redheads, built and run, with love, by redheads.

This is where redheads can feel at home.

There are only 140 million (approx) redheads in the world. Our mission is to find as many of them as possible and provide a single community platform for redheads around the world to connect and share with each other.

The Two Percent Club was originally founded in 2010 as Hot For Ginger, an online dating website for redheads. Initially, it was just the founder (Marc Crouch) and a couple of other people, but quickly the site grew to over 50,000 subscribers driven largely by organic growth on social platforms such as Facebook. 

Within a few years, Hot For Ginger had become a leading brand within the redhead community, regularly hosting and sponsoring events and attracting a worldwide audience of redheads and ginger admirers.

In 2018 the Hot For Ginger Facebook page launched a group on Facebook, with a strict rule to only admit redheads and those closest to them. That group grew to over 10,000 highly active members within a couple of years and it became apparent that there was a need for this thriving new community to have its own home on the web. This is that home.

Red Head Woman
Image by Nathan Dumlao
group of redhead people with natural bea