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What is this website for?

This is a community for redheads to connect and share with each other. Our mission is to give redheads a central place to congregate, a global social community for the rarest humans of all.


Can only redheads join?

Whilst we do not actively enforce any redhead authenticity checks on members (we don't ask you submit a lock of hair or anything!), we do actively work to ensure that the majority of the site's engagement is restricted to redheads and their closest loved ones only. As such, you can join if you are closely related to a redhead for example.


How do I join a community group?

To join a group, simply click the "Join" button on the group you want to become a member of. Most groups require approval in order to join. Generally, people with incomplete profiles will not be allowed into any of the core groups so make sure you have filled in your profile and uploaded a photo to improve your chances of being approved.


What's the difference between the forum and groups?

Privacy, basically. The forum is an open (to members, not to the public) platform for posts on any topic, whereas the groups are private and the contents will not be shared outside of the groups.

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