Australia has its first Ginger Pride rally

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Header Image By: ListeningToTheLaw

Last Saturday, the 16th, Australian redheads took to the streets in a magnificent fashion for the first Australian ginger pride day. The streets of Melbourne looked like a wave of red as people gathered together to support not only the beauty of being a redhead but also a noble cause against an extreme issue.

The Ginger Pride day was organized by the Red and Nearly Ginger Association (RANGA) to benefit the Bully Zero Australia Foundation in an effort to help decrease some of the prejudice bullying toward gingers.

By: TheGingerNet

By: TheGingerNet

“Nobody puts ginger in the corner”

The catchy phrases, “Nobody puts ginger in the corner” and “Day of the Walking Red” covered the streets of Melbourne Australia with over 1000 redhead and redhead lovers joining the crowd. Supporters wore shirts and held signs printed with their slogans as they marched.

“Day of the Walking Red”

This event and many like it have similar takeaways, be proud of what you are. If you have red hair, show it off to world not because we love it here, okay maybe partially because we love it, but because you should be proud to be a ginger.

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