Australia’s Hottest Ginger, a contest celebrating flame-haired beauty

Updated: Jun 24

February 5th will mark the unveiling of the winners of a unique online competition called Australia’s Hottest Ginger, which aims to shine a positive light on all things red and push back on the negative tide of ‘gingerism’.

From over 2000 applicants – a quite astonishing number considering how rare a breed us redheads are meant to be – the finalists have been whittled down to the following:

With categories ranging from hottest ginger model (Indeya, Bec, Nic and Nicholas are the finalists) to hottest ginger pet (we’ll let you figure that one out on your own), the contest focuses on the hair colour itself in an all-encompassing way.

Organisers Buderim Ginger, an Australian-based food and beverage company famous for its range of ginger-themed products including ginger beer and ginger marmalade, are hosting a party in King George’s Square, Brisbane, where the winners will be announced. If you are an Australian ginger fan and can get to Brisbane then we highly urge you to head down there and show your support!

Have a look at the entries here:

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