Being a Redhead at Christmas.....

Hi guys! I'm back again in time for the Christmas celebrations. I have done a few blogs now but this one is more a chat about Christmas and being ginger.

You wouldn’t think this time of year is something that you can link to the life of a redhead but alas people find something everywhere.

So I had my Christmas work do last week (early I know, but amazing time had) but there were strange comments made as always. I have got to an age now where I find it funny how people’s thought process goes... So the theme of the party was Rio carnival; the colors were amazing and vibrant, and somehow this led a man next to me to comment on how he thinks red hair is exotic as well.

I just smiled and said thank you, and though I'm not sure I would class us as exotic I do like hearing the different ways and times people choose to compliment our hair colouring!

The party went on and chatting continued, I was meeting new people and two more glorious comments came up:

"You're so pale! Do you have to wear sun cream in the winter?”

This one I do hear a lot and always makes me giggle. I am very careful with my skin (I think everyone should be) but honestly as a ginger to fellow gingers I wear my factor 50 in the summer and do still wear factor 20 in the winter. Better to be safe than sorry.

And then to the final comment - and this is the golden one:

“Gingerbread men are so popular around Christmas. Wait... do gingers like ginger?”

Now, this comment was funny as hell to me but I kept a straight face and replied: “Of course we love ginger, we have to keep our ginger topped up.” The poor man looked confused until I laughed, then drew a smile from him as he apologized for asking stupid questions.

So my random conversation point today is this: at this festive time of year what amazing random comments will you get? Would love to hear yours.

Until then my lovely redheads get your festive socks on, trees up, mistletoe up and your gingerbread men ready (sorry couldn’t resist!).

Merry Christmas all!

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