Ginger Pride in Chicago

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

You may have recently read about a ginger pride rally taking place in Australia a little while ago but the U.S. has decided to follow suit with their second annual Redhead Festival near Chicago, Illinois. Just like Australia, hundreds of redheads gathered together to promote ginger pride in Chicago!

The event was hosted as an extension of the larger Redhead Days organization who puts together rallies all around the world. Redhead Days simply wanted to create a large event where people could enjoy an exciting day of events while supporting redheads worldwide.

The event itself featured red themed food, drinks, and activities as well as a slew of live performers sponsored by Chicago’s Redhead Piano Bar. In addition to the live music there was also a signing of the book, “How to Be a Redhead” and tons of other activities for attendees.

Overall Chicago is boasting some awesome ginger pride that we wholeheartedly support! If you’re interested in getting more information, feel free to check out their Facebook page to see some photos from the event and, hopefully, some information on next years event!

We’re proud to see some huge ginger pride in Chicago. As always, if you were in attendance at the event please comment below and let us know how your experience was or send us your favorite photos so we can share them with the community!

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