Gingers could hold the key to looking young

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The beauty of a gingers is something we’re no stranger to but science is finally starting to catch up with the idea and explain why gingers are so attractive! The same gene known to give gingers their fair skin and fiery red hair, MC1R, could also be the key to looking younger at any age. Some are now hoping that gingers could hold the key to looking young!

Current Biology published a study where they examined 2,693 Dutch European subjects to determine that the MC1R gene may also result in younger looking skin. Scientists looked in depth at the facial appearance and genes of the subjects and found certain variants of MC1R that did give younger looking skin.

Most participants who tested positive for these age-reducing genes looked to be around two or three years younger than their counterparts who lacked the gene. The hope is now that scientists will be able to capture what makes gingers superhuman and potentially give it to others to reduce aging.

Regardless of the ability to bestow the gift of gingers on others we can all agree that redheaded beauties will always reign supreme as some of the most beautiful people regardless. For anyone more science minded, feel free to check out the original study.

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