Ireland is turning up the heat

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Last weekend marked a great occasion for what many people think is the biggest redhead country in the world. Ireland hosted its seventh annual redhead festival in Crosshaven, Cork, they’ve got a lot of redheads but not the most! Ireland was turning up the heat last weekend with tons of fun events and it all went toward a great cause.

The festival itself is an event that’s been run by a team of around 50 volunteers to help raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. The weekend focused on the theme, “Sun Smart” to draw attention to the danger of skin cancer for redheads. In total, the group has raised over €20,000 for the Irish Cancer Society.

During the event over 2500 redheads joined together to celebrate the occasion with Ceili dance, a pub crawl, and our personal favorite, ginger speed dating! The event brought attendees from all around the world for not only the festival but also for one of the main events, their prize ceremony.

During this ceremony they handed out awards for things like the reddest beard, most freckles, best redhead couple, furthest traveled redhead, and much more! The final award, and most prestigious, was the king and queen of redheads. This year’s king and queen were both very honored to receive the crown and wanted to highlight the issue of redhead bullying.

We’ve seen gatherings of redheads all over the world but the Irish seem to have it down with a huge attendance and tons of fun events. We hope to see some of the faithful redheads from Ireland’s festival join us at this year’s Redhead Day UK in London.

If you attended the event please let us know what you thought of it in the comments below or by sending us your pictures!

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