Is red hair dying out?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Header Image By: Renan Viana

We love gingers as much as the next person, well, probably more than the next person, but recently there’s been a lot of people claiming they might be going extinct and for us, that’s just not cool. Before we all start to panic let’s stop and take a look at some of the facts and research around gingers to tell to tell exactly if red hair is a dying trait.

To understand whether or not they are going extinct you first need to understand what it is exactly that makes these redheaded beauties so unique. We’re going to be honest with you all here, gingers are mutants; but they aren’t going to be like a long haired redheaded magneto busting in your door and trying to take over the world kind of mutant.

Gingers poses a special protein (MC1R for you scientific types out there) that gives them their fiery red locks. The problem with this wonderful protein that gives us these beautiful people is that it’s a recessive gene that gives them the protein; you’re all starting to see where the myths come in here, right?

So, in the end are gingers going extinct or are they around to stay? There’s a few places we can look here but one of my personal favorites is always history. Although the ginger population has declined historically, they’ve been around for years and we don’t think they’re going anywhere soon.

There are two main theories on extinction of gingers, firstly that climate change will slowly get rid of the population. The second main theory is that due to the recessive gene and global intermingling it’s just significantly less likely that two redheads will choose each other as partners, thus reducing the amount of redheaded babies.

While these two theories hold a level of credibility you have to remember while two redheads pose a high chance of having a redheaded baby, one ginger gene still has a chance. I believe BuzzFeed said it best when they called this, “Stealth Gingers.” No matter what ultimately happens the ginger gene is being passed on and it will randomly pop up sporadically, if gingers somehow disappear in the next 100 years they could have a major resurgence in the next 200.

In the end it’s more or less up to you to decide which school of thought you’re going to go with on the debate. Whether they’re going extinct or alive and well it doesn’t change any aspect of how attractive gingers are in the first place. The moral here, get out there and date a ginger, they’re still super attractive either way.

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