London to get its own redhead festival

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

For years redheads have gathered en masse at the International Redhead Day Festival in Breda, Netherlands. This regular event has grown exponentially in popularity, and now attracts thousands every September in some kind of slightly odd ginger pilgrimage event. By slightly odd we mean, of course, completely awesome.

Well now the UK, which holds the biggest proportion of redheads globally with an estimated 10% of all the world’s gingers based in the British Isles (plus Ireland, of course), is about to compete with its own event hosted in the buzzing capital of London (which, incidentally, is also Hot For Ginger’s HQ).

This is what Oxford Street could look like when Redhead Day UK arrives in London on September 12th 2015

Redhead Day UK is actually in its third year, having cut its teeth in Manchester for the past couple of years. But its inaugural London event is set to be the best yet, with lots of ginger-related events taking place ranging from music by ginger musicians to art, film, photography and lots of surprises.  And it’s not just for gingers (we are not a cult), but lovers of red hair as well.

The event needs your support to raise the funds to make it happen, so head on over to the IndieGoGo page and donate whatever you can to make this magical event a reality. There are lots of fantastic goodies on offer in return, plus of course the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped make the new best ginger event a reality.

Click here to find out more about this exciting ginger festival!

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