Mapping the World of Redheads

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Everyone loves gingers to varying extents but some people much more than others, like us. One such person, Tristan Rodgers, seems to be very interested in redheads since he started a project in 2015 to map all the redheads across the world! MC1R Magazine helped run the campaign which ultimately has managed to map the population of redheads and find the highest density.

With the combined power of location-based specialist Onbyrd and MC1R magazine they’re now able to track the changes in the redhead population across the world. While the idea of tracking redheads is a little creepy and crazy it’s quite an interesting project to say the least!

Some of the goals of the project are to discover how cultures wander and migrate across the world among other things. Ultimately they’d like to see how the population differs across the world and hope that it might lead to some interesting insights!

For anyone interested in being involved in the project you can sign up at to share your information. For everyone else you can follow the same link to see the distribution of redheads who’ve signed up. As of now (August 2016) it seems like the eastern U.S. is giving Europe a pretty good run for its money despite common beliefs.

Like we said before, the information they’re asking from people seems like a little much but overall it’s a pretty cool project! Mapping the world of redheads seems like a rather large tasks but it seems to be coming along rather nicely in this project. Let us know how you feel about the map and the project in the comments below.

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