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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

So Guys and Gals today my blog is for the men today , Don't worry ladies i have brought you the most beautiful man inside and out to help me out on this subject.

So gents modern day pressure on Beard and Hair for men , we highlight a lot of the modern pressures on women on appearance but what about all the beautiful men in the world that's what i want to look at, and i needed to find the inside information on this subject and here comes in my friends Alex to help.

Now just to make it clear that Alex is not a redhead but he understands men's struggles, yes Men can struggle too !

So me an Alex got settled and began chatting Alex let me know that until I messaged him for his help on this blog he had never really stopped and thought about his haircare routine, but the more he thought he more he realised he puts a lot into his hair and beard looking good.

As the conversation went on it came to light that his haircare routine is similar to women's, so at this point gents i would like to say i respect your hair care dedication and apologise that i have never really appreciated what goes into it.

So Alex's day to day routine is wash shampoo and condition his hair when he goes to the gym or at home. the long routine starts not when he is out but when he is going out out there is a whole new full on routine his hair is all washed, shampooed, his head hair has moose placed in and wax to hold the curls then his beard has beard oil put in to keep it fresh soft and shiny.

So beard oil what's the deal there? well Alex uses it to keep his beard soft shiny and avoid his beard drying out and splitting. So all in all a lot of time is taken getting his hair spot on and also the beard not looking wild and split, now i can vouch and say Alex has amazing hair and bread on line with john snow good so along came my next question "do you get chatted up more because of your hair and beard" the answer was yes a lot more, personally i think the media projection of the in hot man has helped with this plus the bad boy image has always been a winner for the ladies at some point in their lives. so Guys how many of you mainly get spoken to by women using your hair as a first chat up line?

But i feel the pressure from the media makes men push to be something they think they are expected to be, when everyone knows we are all beautiful in our own way .... plus you cant tell a redhead what to do lol .

Alex explained he is not an over confident person this was shocking to me because he is a stunning man and when you get to know him a genuinely nice person and he is not alone i know many men that are like this or have been in the past. take our leader and Chief Marc, he has not always been confident but now is a full on confident redhead and its amazing. Please see below picture lol

Sorry Marc couldn't resist...... so my point of this blog is a few things why are haircare companies not doing more for men to help them find the perfect products ...women we have samples of everything so we can try once or twice to see if its for us , Men don't have this so end up with a large collection of moose and waxes made for Men they don't use because it wasn't for their hair type, Alex has said he has stashes of full wax he has tried but didn't like, how many others are the same, the hair company's need to get onto this and do more for our men, what do you think?

The other though i have is that no matter our gender we all have our struggles with how we look and i think it is human nature to at one point or another worry, so final thoughts....Ladies appreciate the men and all the effort they are putting in, Gents your efforts are not unnoticed, but the main one to all of us is you are all exactly who you should be YOU, love yourself , Love who you are because your are beautiful and with red hair as well that's a combination that's unstoppable.

So come on you Beauty's lets take on the world.......

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