Flattering colours every ginger can wear

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hi, I'm back again for another chat and this time my thoughts have gone to colours.

As a redhead I was often given advice by people about colours I can and cannot wear because of my hair colour and for a long time I listened. But as I got older I started trying the forbidden colours and loved them. Turns out, my hair wasn’t a problem! In fact it heightened the look. Just look at Jessica Rabbit: she might just be a cartoon but as a redhead with that red dress she created a striking look that many people love or have tried to replicate, yet red is one of the colours we are supposed to not wear.

So being a redhead means wearing any colour you want because you will own it; but then my mind went to the psychology of colour… I know you thought I would leave the geeky stuff out, but I can’t resist a good bit of geeking out so here goes. Don’t worry I won’t list all the colours just the main colours ones that work for us i.e. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Let’s start with Yellow: well I always thought it was a happy colour but it would seem every colour has good and bad effects. As an example, an experiment found that babies placed in a yellow room cried more than when they were not. However, generally yellow evokes the positives of friendliness, joy, and creativity.

Red - my favourite colour - makes me feel sassy and let’s face it every woman needs to feel that once in a while. Red evokes the positive feelings of energy, love and intensity, but to me red is also passionate and sexy just like every redhead.

Blue conveys calmness, loyalty and focus but does also sometimes get accused of seeming cold. Personally I find blue to be fresh but can see why it could be seen as cold. It does depend on the particular shade of blue, but the spark of red fro our vibrant hair colour can really offset it.

Lastly, green carries the positive connotations of fertility, nature and tranquillity, balanced by envy if you believe that kind of thing. Green, however, is generally considered one of the best matches for redheads due to its juxtaposition to orange on the colour spectrum, so wear it liberally!

In reality, redheads can look in any of these colours as these beautiful ladies demonstrate:

What's your favourite colour to wear? Let us know in the comments.

Till next time my beautiful redheads.

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