The US celebrates redheads while the UK prepares its own celebration

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Since the beginning of the year we’ve mentioned a lot of redhead festivals across the world and recently we’ve seen another great one showing up in Dunbar, West Virginia. Like many other festivals this one was meant to point out the uniqueness that MC1R gives to redheads but it also stood for some other great reasons.

Although you didn’t need to pay for entry, participants could pay $1 at the door to help raise money for Melanoma research to help search for a cure. With so many people showing up the total amount of donations, although not fully disclosed, was sure to be a great result!

In addition to raising money for skin cancer, the Dunbar festival also had a particular message that was supported by some major ginger role models. The festival theme was, “It’s more than a color, it’s a lifestyle” and it was backed up by the appearance of Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti who, together, wrote How to be a redhead.

Like always, it’s great to see redheads coming together to celebrate their uniqueness among others who either share MC1R themselves or who appreciate it. From Ireland to the U.S. we’ve seen a lot of redhead festivals and while this one in Dunbar was great, we’re a little biased when we say one of our personal favorites is soon to follow.

Make sure you’re joining us for this year’s Redhead Day UK in London where we’re a sponsor! There’s going to be some great people attending (find the full list here including ourselves!). You’ll want to make sure that you’re there this year because we’ve been stocking up for a big surprise this year.

Whether you’re in the US or the UK we’re glad to see you showing up to share your support for redheads everywhere. Like always, please share your photos and stories with us either in the comments below or by emailing us.

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