what are freckles all about ??..

So I have been sat thinking of a good conversation for you all to look into then it hit me like a kiss from an angel. Yep you got it freckles as redheads it is a common misconception that with red hair automatically comes freckles, but it simply isn’t true . Some of us have none or pale ones and some of us have darker ones, it is all to do with melanin in our skin….now that’s the science we come back to that but first the sayings and myths related to freckles that make me smile and hopefully you will as well.

The classic is you get freckles from being “kissed by an angel” I like this is sweet and very close to the Irish myth of freckles, they were given to the Irish by the gods who knew their lands where cloudy so to make sure they could always see the stars they placed them on their skin, this myth is my favourite, but sadly as come with all good comes the bad like the tale that freckles were a witches mark. We know an old saying or myths are not fact but it’s nice to let your imagination go a little wild right?

One thing that is a defiant every one of us with our freckles are unique no one else has your freckle pattern its 100% yours that a beautiful thing in itself, so the facts I hear some of you ask me well freckles are connected to the MC1R gene and releases melanin in the skin …why? It’s our body’s natural way to defend against the sun yep natural sunblock our bodies create these little beauties to protect us from UV rays, hence the weather changes it changes how dominant they can be. There are three basic types of melanin (From the Greek melas “dark” “black”) but for this topic, we only need to focus on the top two, for your darker brown its Eumelanin and for the reddish-yellow colour it is Pheomelanin, I know you checking the colour of your freckles now.

So to put an end to my short but sweet chat, if you have freckles you a beautifully unique, you a person of myths and science with skin that is looking after you the best it can, I love my freckles and I hope you all do as well, your body and the way it works is what makes you….well you and that’s always a beautiful thing.

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