Why is it strange for redheads to date each other?

A number of years ago I met a girl in a club. It was towards the end of the evening, it was dark, but she was obviously very pretty and seemed like good fun. So we exchanged numbers, I waited the usual amount of time and then called her to set up a date. All the usual questions started up of course: how would she look in the normal light of day, will she turn out to be a weirdo or is this the start of something incredible?

Date night came and I arrived 5 minutes early at the agreed rendez-vous point. I texted her instructions on where I was, along with a brief description of what I was wearing so she could find me easily. And then I saw her: she was, as I remembered, extremely pretty. She was also a ginger.

In the dim lights of the club she had seemed, as I also often do, like a brunette. I have been in situations before where girls have been surprised to see my true hair colour after an initial encounter in darker environs such as a nightclub. But this was the first time it had happened to me with a woman, and my first reaction was horror. This was against the rules: I don’t date other redheads, ever.

As it turned out, she had the same rule. But since we had both made the effort to go out, we decided to put the rule to one side for the evening and enjoy ourselves. It was all going swimmingly until somebody in the bar we were sitting in asked us, totally innocently, if we were brother and sister. And just like that, any chance of romance between us was shattered.

And therein lies the problem. For me it had started back in high school when a girl in my class had the exact same hair colour as me (which, by the way, looks absolutely gorgeous on girls), and we were described as the Ginger Twins even though we barely even spoke to each other. Because of our hair colour, we were lumped into the same category and that was that. Ever since then it just felt somehow wrong to date a redhead, and this is a feeling shared by more than just redheads themselves. Just do a quick Google search on the subject and you will see a majority of people airing the same view that ginge-on-ginge action is taboo.

But why? It’s not considered much of an issue if two blondes date each other, or two black people, or two purple-skinned aliens (probably). In fact, intra-species dating (if you can call ginger a species) is considered the norm in almost every other circumstance except redheads.

As a redhead myself I can’t speak for non-gingers, but when I think about my own aversion to dating redheads it really comes down to a fear of persecution from others, sad though that sounds. If I hadn’t been teased mercilessly as one of the Ginger Twins when I was younger, as well as various other incidents throughout my growing up, I probably wouldn’t have given a second thought to dating a ginger. As it is, the unwritten societal acceptance of anti-ginger prejudice has – for me at least – eliminated an entire group of lovely females from my potential dating pool. And that’s quite sad.

Having said that, I would probably break my own rule for Christina Hendricks.

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